Mr. Jason L. Van Dyke

Mean Texas Lawyer and Expert Onionland Lawyer

Defending clients from perverts, namecalling and their own nude photos since 2014




If you have ever been subjected to any of the following:

You may not be at fault and could be entitled to compensation. We will not be intimidated by criminal slime. Our law firm will continue to sue, even if all hope is lost. If you keep mess with Kyle and I, lawsuits and indictments may be the least of your worries. I have a back yard and a shovel.

One Day they will look over their sholder and I will be standing there. They'll see how funny all of it was when that day comes. I mean that causing physical pain to your enemy will be quite enjoyable. You've given others their chance to fix the problem, Now I'll do it my way. They won't have a prayer against me in real life. I'll give them a Texas-sized ass whopping, and this time, it will be permanent.

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consider youself warned I'm not playing around.